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Underwater Housings:

In the past, underwater photographers were faced with an extremely limited choices in housings, most of which were extremely bulky, poorly designed and provided limited access to the camera's controls. All that has changed.

Today's housings are well-designed, compact, rugged, and offer access to virtually all of the camera's control. The question is no longer "Can I find a housing for my camera?" but, rather, "What is the best housing for my camera?"

camera housings

Part 1. Types of housings: An Overview

Housings can be divided into 3 broad categories:

▪ Simple casings for pocket cameras
▪ Compact housings for point-and-shoot cameras
▪ Sophisticated housings for Digital SLR cameras

Since the first category is essentially a waterproof "instamatic" there is not much to say about them.  They're intended for quick snaps in shallow water, and for that they work.  But for someone with a serious interest in photography, it is the next two categories that are more important.



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