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Underwater photography can be the most rewarding and challenging pastime that a photographer can pursue.  But it takes a special skill set to master the techniques of underwater photography. 

In addition to understanding the basics of photography, the underwater photographer has three other factors that "conventional" photographers do not have to contend with:

1. The photographer is on life support throughout the entire time
2. The marine environment brings additional complications, like water magnification and color reduction, into play
3. The setting is hostile to camera equipment, requiring constant maintenance

For these reasons it is essential that the photographer becomes completely familiar with these factors prior to "diving" into underwater photography.

This section is divided into sequential sections, starting off with an overview of digital photography basics, and following through to recommended software and the camera equipment I use (as well as a "dream" system wish list.) 

The last section, Useful Links, contains websites of many of the major equipment manufacturers, as well as some other links that I think may be of interest.

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