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Care & Maintenance:

Equipment maintenance is undoubtedly the least glamorous part of underwater photography; nonetheless, it is the most important. Unlike land cameras, which can go years with little or no servicing, amphibious cameras and housings require constant maintenance.

Generally when a camera or housing floods (as opposed to a minor leak), the camera is ruined. Once the electronics have come in contact with saltwater, the cost of repairing the unit is prohibitively expensive.

When it comes to underwater camera equipment, an ounce of often worth a thousand dollars in cure.


O-rings are the heart of all waterproof seals. Beginners will often make the common mistake of over-greasing their o-rings, hoping that it will help seal the system better. Actually, just the reverse is true: over-greasing the o-ring creates a sticky mess that attracts sand and other particles. It's the o-ring that makes the seal, not the grease. The grease is merely to keep the o-ring supple and prevent it from drying out and cracking. In fact, if you can see the grease on the o-ring you're doing something wrong.

The best method I've learned to lubricate an o-ring is to lightly grease your fingertips and push the o-ring through your fingers (pulling an o-ring can stretch it,

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