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Tips and Tricks:

Tip 1: Never Lend Out Your Photo Equipment
I know it sound heartless. It's a hard lesson to learn but experience has taught me that nobody will care for your camera equipment like you will. It's an expensive mistake rarely repeated.

Having worked in underwater photo labs in the past, I have witnessed dozens upon dozens of flooded or dropped cameras, scratched lenses and lost cameras ("Gee, I left it out on the beach for a couple of hours, whaddya mean I'm responsible?")

In most cases, they were the result of complete indifference on the part of the borrower: they didn't pay for it, so why should they care for it? Furthermore, underwater cameras and strobes require constant maintenance. Even if it's your most trusted friend, generally only you will invest the time in learning how to maintain the equipment properly.

Tip 2. Use a Low Speed ISO Setting and a Strobe
This has been covered previously, but the short explanation is this: unless you use a strobe in conjunction with a low-speed ISO setting you'll never be able to achieve fully-saturated vivid images underwater.

Tip 3. Invest in a Super Wide and Close-up or Macro Lens. The combinations of theses two lenses will give you the greatest utility. All of the pictures in the Underwater Galleries section were taken with that combination.


Tip 4. Test all New Equipment in a Controlled Situation First.  It's easy to do, and costly if you don't.  If your equipment fails, or worse yet floods while you are in a remote location, it's too late to do much about it.  Test the integrity of a new housing by submerging it in a pool without the


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