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Film vs. Digital

I'm often asked if I still use film, or if I think digital cameras are better than film cameras, and the answer is NO to both. Granted today's digital cameras are rapidly approaching the quality of film cameras, but in terms of color saturation and tonal range, film is still the king.

Does that mean I would consider ever going back to film?  Again, the answer is NO.  The advantages of digital photography are so overwhelming that my film days are over. So why even mention the subject at all? The answer is simple: there is still a demand for film photography among professionals. 

Many professional photographers still rely on film for it's fine detail and subtle gradations, but their numbers are dwindling.  Four or five years ago most publishers or stock agencies still insisted on viewing slides, and were resistant to the idea of accepting digital submissions.

But all that is changing as the demand for images increases among publishers and advertising agencies.  Today a photographer can email an image to a client in minutes, whereas previously the client had to wait days or even weeks to receive a finished product.

What most photographers don't realize is that it's not the camera market that fuels development, but, rather, a printing industry that demands it. 

The big money is in printing, not camera sales.


And that's what drives the market. The old method of creating color separations for printing presses is slow, expensive and time consuming.  Today's publishers want results now, and digital photography is the solution.  The printing industry has undergone a complete overhaul and direct digital-to-print is now the de facto standard.  Digital is definitely here to stay.


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