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Suggested Reading:

I've learned most of what I know about photography from books and practice.  I've had virtually no formal training in photography, and many times just looking at at image, and wondering how it was taken, was enough for me to figure it out.

In addition to several photo books, I also list marine identification guides and some reference material I've found especially useful on digital editing.  Face it: today's photographer has to know software as well as photography.

                  Photo Books

underwater photography handbook   Underwater photography imposes unique challenges of its own. Until you have an understanding of the basics you'll never master advanced techniques.  This is where it starts.

Annemarie & Danja Kohler's The Underwater Photography Handbook has become the de facto guidebook on basic underwater photography. Includes 200 color photos and charts.

the underwater photographer   If you going to use a housed camera system, The Underwater Photographer by Martin Edge and Ian Turner has quickly become the "bible" on the subject.

For both beginning and seasoned photographers. In addition to technical information, it covers composition and common mistakes.

coral seas roger steene     Roger Steene:
Coral Seas

Roger Steene is my favorite underwater photographer. His photography is nothing short of stunning. Perhaps what I like most about his underwater photography is that unlike his more celebrated counterparts, with unlimited budgets, Roger Steene often uses basic, affordable equipment --and still manages to dazzle the viewer. This book will never leave my collection.

The Underwater Photographer     Martin Edge:
The Underwater Photographer: Digital and Traditional Techniques

In its third edition, this book covers everything from basics to digital photography.  For beginning underwater photographers this is an ideal choice.  The basics section is clear, and easy to follow.

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