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Underwater Strobes:

A strobe, also commonly referred to as a flash, is the most indispensable addition to a photographer's underwater camera system.

Part 1. Why Use a Strobe: An Overview

In the Underwater Photography section I mentioned the first advantage of a strobe:  bringing back colors that fade with depth.

Natural Light   With Strobe
The second advantage of strobe lighting is illuminating detail in shadow areas.

Normally, the sea fan would have been a dark silhouette against an expanse of deep blue, since it was shadowed by the light from above (the "starburst" above would have been the sole source of light.)

  Giant Sea Fan

For this image I used to strobe to "balance" the light in order to fill in the detail in the shadowed area. In other words, I used a light meter to determine the ambient light and then used the strobe to "fill" in the darker areas creating an image that is color rich, detailed and evenly lighted.


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