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     Originally I designed this site to promote ocean awareness.  I wanted to bring people's attention to the plight of world's oceans and show them just how remarkable it is --and what will be lost if current destructive environmental practices continue.  I also added an interesting "sea fact" with each image, in order to further the reader's interest and understanding of the ocean's creatures.

Though I have a degree a marine biology, my concern about the danger to the marine environment is more personal than academic at this point.

It is well known that our coral reefs are being destroyed, the oceans are becoming polluted, and the seas have been over fished. But entreaties to protect our environment often fall on deaf ears. So rather than appealing to ethics, Life In The Seas is an appeal to aesthetics. 

Hopefully my underwater photography will motivate the reader to get involved with preserving our remaining natural resources...George Perina



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