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any shortcomings in their photography can be easily remedied by software manipulation.  

7. Advantages of Digital:

1. Immediate results: digital cameras store the images on memory cards. The images can be viewed and deleted as soon as the picture is taken.

This is unquestionably the greatest advantage over film.  Seeing the results right away is the greatest boon to photography since interchangeable lenses.  With respect to underwater photography, this advantage can save thousands of dollars.

When I was still shooting film, consider what it took to get an underwater image in a tropical location. Since remote locations can't process film immediately, I had to wait until I returned to view the results. 

On one occasion my strobe was misfiring.  I didn't realize it until the third day of a seven-day trip.  Three days of shooting wasted, not to mention the cost of those three days.  When I discovered the problem, I managed to correct the problem --with a digital camera I would have "seen" the problem after the first dive and saved myself a great deal of frustration and wasted time.

In addition, all photographers face the following problems when shooting with film:


1. Heat can make the emulsion run, ruining the film.  This is a common problem in the tropics.
2. Film is easily "fogged" by x-ray machines, especially in today's security conscious environment     at airports
3. Film needs to be kept in a refrigerator to maintain its color fidelity if it is to be stored for months
4. 36 frames is the maximum number of images a roll can store, unless you bulk load your own film.



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